July 11, 2020
How to Write a Marketing Manager Resume

How to Write a Marketing Manager Resume

A well-designed and professional resume is an essential first impression in any career field.  If you are submitting a resume for a marketing manager position, you are hoping to convince them that you can sell their products or services.  Your resume is your first and best opportunity to sell yourself.  If you cannot market your skills, then why would they think you can market their company?

How to Write a Marketing Manager Resume

With the explosive growth in our economy, marketing jobs are seeing expansive growth.  Despite the fast growth of the profession, it is still a highly competitive field. The higher you go, the stiffer the competition becomes.  The first step to getting the dream job you are dreaming of is to have a resume that stands out amongst other great resumes.  How do you accomplish this?

You know the importance of a cover letter that is tailored exclusively to the company.  It is also essential to tailor your resume.  Do your homework. Know as much as possible about the company and the position for which you are applying.  What skills and experience do you that most closely match what they are seeking?  Emphasize those in your resume.

Do not be afraid to be a little creative. You do not want to go too far unless you know this company deeply values creativity.  You want to find the balance between being creative and still having your resume appear professional.  Some suggestions to make your resume stand out:

  • Use your opening statement to highlight the accomplishments, experience, and skills that most closely match the job. The opening statement is your hook, so make sure it is as targeted as possible. Within the first few sentences, you want them to know that you have something valuable to offer.
  • Be a bit creative in your formatting. The days of the resume’s reading like listicles are gone.  You can find excellent templates for various resume designs on the internet.
  • Define your hard versus your soft skills. Hard skills are definitive skills that you have demonstrable experience. For example, SEO content, qualitative analysis, and Google analytics are hard skills. Soft skills are general things that you excel at, such as being a leader and excellent written and verbal communication skills.  In your resume, you want a mix of both soft and hard skills, but the primary emphasis should be on your hard skills.
  • Work experience, education, training, and certificates are important. However, do not forget to add more unique experiences or knowledge if it helps make you a great candidate. Think outside the box. If you helped your mom market her home-made jam and learned marketing techniques for a very focused niche, then sell that expertise.  If you have no experience as a marketing manager, but you have proven leadership skills in other areas, emphasize those.
  • Proof-read your resume. Then proof-read it again. Then have someone else with excellent proofreading skills go over it. Nothing will turn a hiring manager off faster than a spelling mistake, typo, or grammar error. After all, this is your ad for yourself. If you are careless enough to send a resume with errors, why would they trust you to run their marketing department? This advice is accurate across all career fields. Most hiring managers say they toss resumes that have errors, regardless of the potential experience and skills of the applicant.
  • Make sure you are submitting the resume through the correct avenue. If the position was advertised, odds are there were specific guidelines for application.  Make sure you complete every step.  If they ask for your salary requirements, provide them.  Send a cover letter with each resume unless they specifically request that you not submit a cover letter. If they want it emailed to HR, don’t look up the President’s email address and send it there instead.
  • Do not be afraid to follow-up. If you do not hear from the company within 7-10 days, place a call or send an email politely asking to confirm the receipt of your resume and indicating your interest in the job.

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