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Enhancing Success Probabilities

Consider these statistics
  • 75% of hiring managers have not received professional interview training in the past 3 years.
  • 70% of open positions do not have a current job spec with key initiatives defined.
  • The average job tenure is 2.7-3.2 years for mid-sized companies.

East Wing Group delivers a hiring process that overcomes deficiencies in hiring methods to increase success in evaluating talent and helping to retain talented workers.


Executive Search

Corporate culture, industry history, public perception,and reputation are brought together with a candidate's psychometric footprint to fit the profile of the executive you are seeking. Our search map and behavioral-based interview approach that is sensitive and difficult for your staff to gain. This allows a more qualified slate of candidates without complications.

Sales & Marketing Search

Securing the right blend of competitive drive and consultive mindset is only part of the process in finding sales talent and marketing professionals. The critical first step is to determine what constitutes success. East Wing Group delivers data, templates and insights to insure more consistent sales growth and reduce the risk of making a bad hiring decision with more metrics to check and balance decisions.

Leadership Education

All companies focus on identifying top talent, increased sales and employee retention. These needs can be met through effective training by the East Wing Group. These same programs have been delivered for executive leadership education at DePaul University, Northwestern University, Kraft Foods, Getty Images, General Electric and Vistage International, to name a few.

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Our Competitive Advantage

We can start immediately to find top talent and enhance your acquisition process.

East Wing Group has remained a leader in the pay-for-performance world of executive search. Since 1985, we have interviewed over 90,000 business executives and professionals. Our search methodology is backed by both experience and ongoing research into behavioral science, as well as keeping up with other areas of study that can influence hiring. Our research and insights appear regularly in national publications seeking expert analysis to current employment trends and practices, including: The Wall Street Journal,ABC News, WCIU TV,Neilsen Publications, Vistage International, Sales, Marketing & Management, Training Magazine, CIO magazine, and Chicago Tribune.


East Wing Group is an executive search practice by design. As your trusted advisor in all decisions related to retaining, attracting and hiring great talent, we can deliver resources from recognized experts for better decision-making. We have aligned ourselves with the top professionals in the following areas: International search, psychometric assessment, neuroscience research, generational difference research, venture capitalist, demographics, legal insight and strategic planning.

Please note: All discussions we have with you and your executive team remain confidential.
East Wing Group Inc. adheres to the Ethics Code of the American Psychological Association.

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Recruitment Profiling and Qualification

Most important to a successful recruitment mission is a thorough knowledge of the experience and personal characteristics to be successful in the position. At the beginning of each search assignment, we work together with the client to define the key selection criteria and skills required for the candidate placement. It is critical that we also understand you company's culture in order to ensure that our candidates represent the right cultural fit. Our clear and comprehensive understanding enables us to finalize a Position Profile and conduct the search efficiently and effectively. Using our systematic search approach, personal contacts, industry associations, network of resources and colleague referrals, we narrow our search to identify suitable and qualified candidates.

  • Research and database mining
  • Target identification
  • Sell the opportunity
  • Network and referrals
  • Prospect calls
  • Advanced recruiting and follow-up
  • Applicable social media tools


Candidate Presentation and Review

One the basis of our targeted research, we approach potential candidates on an informed basis. We verify each candidate's professional qualifications - as well as their portfolio of achievements. Once we determine that an individual is both qualified and interested in the position, we interview and screen each candidate for further evaluation. Each candidate is then assessed and validated against the position specifications. At the client's request, we also perform psychometric testing to provide our client with each candidate's unique behavioral style to ensure a perfect match for the client and candidate.

  • Candidate profiling
  • Surface potential issues
  • Converse directly with family and friends
  • Create allies
  • Further profiling
  • Reference checks
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Interview Process and Debriefing

Prior to presenting a candidate to our client, we do our best to determine if the candidate is a good match for the opportunity. In addition, we consider the candidate's motivation for making a career change and judge whether they are genuinely interested in the opportunity. We then schedule a series of preliminary phone interviews with the hiring manager, human resources and other executives. As a next step, we offer both in-person and video interviews to allow the client to further assess the individual. Video interviewing enables the client to eliminate travel and entertainment expenses and time associated with coordinating travel. Our goal is to present a minimum of three qualified candidates, giving the client an opportunity to select the ideal candidate.

  • Interviews and debriefs
  • Identify commitment
  • Trail close
  • Total compensation
  • Confirm candidate motivations
  • Sell the candidate


Candidate Offer and Commitment

Our search professionals are available every step of the way during the search and placement process. When an offer is made to a candidate, we are available to participate in negotiations to finalize the offer. We also help each candidate prepare for any potential counteroffers that they may receive. In order to improve the quality of our service in the future, we actively seek feedback from our clients and identify any issues from which we can learn. We make ourselves available to the client and new executive to help with integration in whatever way we can.

  • Manage candidate and client expectations
  • Preparation of candidate offer
  • Coach on counter offers
  • Debriefs
  • Reference checks
  • Background reviews
Back to Home Russ Riendeau, PhD Retained Executive Search Profile Image Russell Riendeau, PhD, Senior Partner

Dr. Russ Riendeau is senior partner/founder of the East Wing Group, Inc., based in Barrington, Illinois. His search practice has concentrated on senior level searches, as well as sales, sales management and marketing positions since 1985. Prior to entering the search business, he was in management for the largest home builder in the state of Illinois, Lexington Homes.

In addition to his on-going search work with clients in business segments including: media, industrial, plastics, packaging, medical device, consumer and pharmaceutical products, Russ is also a sought after expert in talent acquisition, appearing in thousands of national publications. Gathering and sharing anecdotal field research, he's shared his insights in six books he's authored/co-authored, as well as hundreds of articles/white papers/webinars on talent management and leadership development topics, some translated into many foreign languages. He's been the co-host of the Business Doctor Radio Show on Air America Radio and a frequent TV guest for business programs. Russ was nominated for Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2010 and 2011 and nominated for Family Business of the Year by Loyola University. His community involvement has included college board of trustees, youth hockey coaching. Russ is member of Citizen Musician-a program affiliated with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Dr. Riendeau is a behavioral psychologist by education, having earned a doctorate in developmental psychology. He has been an adjunct instructor for General Electric Company's Corporate Education Program and currently adjunct faculty for Northwestern University's School of Continuing Studies. As a nationally-known keynote speaker and longtime member/speaker with Vistage International, He has spoken to group from six to 6,000 on topics of behavioral science, leadership psychology and talent acquisition strategies. Russ is also a writer, songwriter/musician, pilot, marathoner, cyclist and former semi-pro hockey player. Russ and his wife Cheryl have two children and reside in Barrington, Illinois.

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Our Strategic Process

Using the East Wing Group process, we work with the hiring managers to ensure that a comprehensive Position Profile identifies the skills required by matching:

  • The client's position and expectations with those of the candidate title, compensation, relocation and amount of travel
  • Technical requirements with the candidate's background and expertise education, relevant industry and managerial experience
  • Cultural fit of the company with the candidate's experience and success compared with similar cultures and likeliness to adapt to company culture
  • The chemistry between the candidate and hiring manager candidate's attributes matched with traits specified in the Position Profile
  • How translatable the candidate's experiences and capabilities are company's expectations with respect to responsibilities and projects

Company TypeGeographyRecent Search Engagement
Major Media Content ProviderEast CoastSenior Vice President of Operation
Customer Molder of Consumer PackagingMidwestController
Custom Manufacturer of ComponentsMidwestPresident
Privately-Held High Tech Identification Products CompanyMidwestChief Executive Officer
European-Owned Confectionary ManufacturerMidwestVice President of Sales
East Coast Medical Device ManufacturerWest CoastBusiness Development Manager
Medical Consumables and Research CompanySouthwestSenior Vice President of Sales

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